Foster opportunities are on the rise for the dogs and cats in our shelter and we are grateful to those in the community who open their hearts and homes to Furry Friends in this special way!

Oftentimes, an animal comes to us requiring surgery or specific medical care and fostering allows the animal time to heal and flourish in a home environment.  For example, Duke is a young puppy suffering from Craniomandibular Osteopathy, an uncommon condition affecting the bones of the jaw. A foster who will care for him while we wait and see if he will outgrow his condition, is critically important for his socialization and well-being.  Others, like kittens, are very young and need the more “hands on” care that a foster can provide.   


Fosters tell us time and again how rewarding the experience is for them. To learn more about fostering for Furry Friends, please complete the foster form below and email to or feel free to drop by our Jupiter Adoption Center and chat with our staff!