Pet Matters- December 2018

Pet Matters by Pat Deshong, President

Furry Friends Adoption, Clinic & Ranch

December 2018


"For The Love Of Animals" features real stories happening at Furry Friends in Jupiter. We are The Humane Society of Greater Jupiter/Tequesta and the only no-kill shelter open to the public in northern Palm Beach County.  We’ve been rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing the homeless animals in our community for more than 30 years. Our not for profit 501c3 organization consists of our Jupiter based adoption center, veterinary clinic (open to the public), thrift store, and Palm City ranch.



Waylon and Willie didn’t always live the superstar life that they do now.  Years ago, their struggles were real in their day-to-day existence for survival.  Along with three furry siblings, they lived on a vacant lot, scavenging for food and almost feral. They trusted nothing and no one.  If ignored, their future was certainly doomed, as a new owner of the property granted our front-line rescue partner only 24 hours to capture all five and remove them.


Upon learning about the pack, Furry Friends took action by accepting all five and providing them with a safe haven at our Palm City Ranch.  At first, our staff could not touch them as they were so filled with fear and insecurity. However, our staff knows patience and love. Little by little, they progressed from shaking fearfully at the back of their kennels to allowing gentle touches. Rehabilitation took a long time, but we were committed to giving them hope and much brighter futures.


With time, trust, and confidence-building came homes. One by one the siblings were placed with forever families. One day, Waylon and Willie were the only two that remained.  They walked together, they slept together, and they played together. How could we separate them? But then again, who was willing to open their home and heart to two larger dogs?


The Martins of Okeechobee were ready and more than willing.  Upon the first visit to the Martin’s beautiful property, Waylon and Willie were the last of their pack to finally be home!


Waylon & Willie keep us updated with their new lives and daily shenanigans.  Here’s one from Willie that is certain to make you smile:


“Me and Waylon LUV it here.  I barked very ferociously at a red snake that was in the grass.  I barked and barked and tried to pull it out of the grass but it squirted water all over me so I had to let it go.  I soon figured out it was a water hose but it gave me quite a scare for sure! We just got new food dishes but they have cats on them so me and Waylon said maybe someone better tell Ma that we’re brave dogs, not silly cats.  We laid out in the sun today but when it thundered, we came running in and hid behind Ma’s chair. She comforted us. We like her and we think she likes us. Life is good… so much better than it was before.”


Indeed, Waylon & Willie, indeed.  In the words of country music legend, Willie Nelson’s song, On the Sunny Side of the Street:


Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street.  Can`t you hear a pitter pat and that happy tune is your step?  Life can be so sweet on the sunny side of the street.


Welcome to the sunny side of the street, Waylon & Willie!


We give a special thank you to Thommy Harcek for his part in rehabilitating all the siblings and finding Waylon & Willie their forever home with the Martins.



Viola is ready for the holidays and her forever home!  She’s available for adoption at Furry Friends!


Che Che,  a five-year-old blonde lab/hound mix bombshell says, “Take me home for the holidays!  I’ll be your best present!”



This is what Furry Friends is all about…rescuing, rehabilitating, and giving homeless companion animals their best future… no matter how long it takes to find it.  We have many wonderful dogs and cats in our shelter and invite you to come visit us six days a week. Our hours are Monday through Saturday, 11am to 6pm.

Furry Friends depends on the generous support from donors like you.  Without Furry Friends, the future of the many animals we save would be uncertain.  Thank you for donating and helping us continue our animal saving mission.

Ways to donate (tax ID #59-2111273):

  1. Mail a check made payable to Furry Friends to 401 Maplewood Drive, Ste. 8, Jupiter, FL  33458.

  2. Visit

  3. Call us with your credit card information at 561.747.5311 ext. 1

“Your donation creates the possibilities to make miracles happen for our Furry Friends”


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