Pet Matters- January 2019


Pet Matters by Pat Deshong, President

Furry Friends Adoption, Clinic & Ranch

January 2019


"For The Love Of Animals" features real stories happening at Furry Friends in Jupiter. We are The Humane Society of Greater Jupiter/Tequesta and the only no-kill shelter open to the public in northern Palm Beach County.  We’ve been rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing the homeless animals in our community for more than 30 years. Our not for profit 501c3 organization consists of our Jupiter based adoption center, veterinary clinic (open to the public), thrift store, and Palm City ranch.


Part·ner·ship  (pärt′nər-shĭp′) -A relationship between individuals or groups that is characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility, as for the achievement of a specified goal.

Ace doesn't know much about what a partnership is but he sure has reaped the rewards of the one between Furry Friends and The Pet Cottage, a local nonprofit sanctuary that provides guardianship for pets that have lost their human companions due to death, disability, or military service.    

Ace first came to Furry Friends in February 2016, the pitiful product of a hoarding situation where he knew no socialization or healthcare.  It took weeks of attention and patience by our staff before he learned to trust. To witness his initial fear was heart-wrenching. Ace was adopted to a lady in July, 2016.  On November 19, 2018, Ace was returned to Furry Friends. His owner had passed away, leaving behind no family or friends who wanted him. The comfort and love he had known for more than two years were now a faded memory.


The Pet Cottage brings the animals they rescue to Furry Friends' veterinary clinic for their medical needs.  Wendy Derhak, Executive Director states, "The Pet Cottage would not be able to rescue as many animals as we do without the affordable care at Furry Friends".  

When Furry Friends' Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Todd Vinoski, examined Ace upon Ace's return, he thought The Pet Cottage might be able to help.  Did Wendy know someone looking for a special senior dog? Turns out, she did!

Ruthie, from Delray Beach, kept telling her daughter, Valerie, that she wanted a dog.  Valerie agreed, knowing that canine companionship might be an excellent source of comfort for her elderly mom.  When Wendy brought Ace to Ruthie and Valerie's home, Ace headed straight to Ruthie and seemed to say, "Hi Mom, I'm home!”  He proceeded to plant a big kiss on her. Within minutes they were best buds!

Ace is now King of the Couch!  When not napping by her side at home, Ace accompanies Ruthie to doctor's appointments and around town.  He's even been spotted sitting contentedly on her lap at a local tiki bar. Given his cuddly cuteness, we're sure he's the life of the party wherever he goes!  Have a great life, Ruthie, Valerie & Ace!

Thank you Wendy and The Pet Cottage for your mission of helping animals in need and for your ongoing partnership with Furry Friends.


Pat Deshong, Furry Friends’ President, Wendy Derhak of The Pet Cottage and Dr. Todd Vinoski, Chief Veterinarian of Furry Friends


Juno is a young adult cat who’s been at Furry Friends since he was a kitten.  He’s not much of a lap cat but will you keep you entertained with kitty antics & adorable poses like this one.  


Max is just over two years old.  This boxer/hound mix is super fun, loves the beach, and would be best with a family that likes to “go and do!”  He’s very good with other dogs and enjoys play time.



This is what Furry Friends is all about…rescuing, rehabilitating, and giving homeless companion animals their best future… no matter how long it takes to find it.  We have many wonderful dogs and cats in our shelter and invite you to come visit us six days a week. Our hours are Monday through Saturday, 11am to 6pm.

Furry Friends depends on the generous support from donors like you.  Without Furry Friends, the future of the many animals we save would be uncertain.  Thank you for donating and helping us continue our animal saving mission.

Ways to donate (tax ID #59-2111273):

  1. Mail a check made payable to Furry Friends to 401 Maplewood Drive, Ste. 8, Jupiter, FL  33458.

  2. Visit

  3. Call us with your credit card information at 561.747.5311 ext. 1

“Your donation creates the possibilities to make miracles happen for our Furry Friends”


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