Adoptable Dogs & Cats


Dog of the Week

Lucy is a beautiful Great Dane/Pointer Mix approximately 4 years old. She had been running around the Redlands for a couple of years until a good Samaritan was able to capture her with her 13 puppies. All her pups have been adopted.

Lucy has never known what it is to be loved or what it is to sleep in a warm bed and not to worry about where her next meal is coming from. Finally, she is beginning to trust humans and come out of her shell......she enjoys having her ears rubbed; loves sleeping in bed and even going for walks.

If you think you may be the one who has the patience and love to give Lucy the life she deserves, please call us at 561-747-5311, ext 2 so we can discuss further and answer any questions.


Cat of the Week

What about Charlie Chaplin? How can anyone not fall in love with his beautiful face and little heart nose? He was dumped in a very busy parking lot in Miami Beach and rescued by a police officer who he begged for help. From the very first moment she saw him, she knew he was a family cat who just needed a family! Such a mellow and loving boy. Impeccable manners and a heart as big as he is! please come and meet Charlie at PetSmart in Chasewood Plaza today and be a part of his happy ever after. Don’t let him wait even one more day!