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Furry Friends Accomplishments

In 2017, we attained some impressive accomplishments!  Allow us to share:











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Furry Tales can come True with your help...

Mr. Big and Star, 9-year-old Yorkies, were rescued by Furry Friends when we got a frantic call telling us that their homeless owner was going to dump them on the streets in Broward County.

The owner no longer had the means to care for them and was told by a shelter in the area that the pups would be euthanized upon admittance due to lack of space.

Thanks to the care of our expert veterinarians, volunteers, and staff, Mr. Big and Star were evaluated medically and given some much-needed pampering & grooming.  

They have since been adopted and their days filled with fear of being dumped on the streets are over.



Mimi was brought to Furry Friends (Safe Harbor) in 2011 and was adopted to an older couple in 2013.  She lived happily with them for 5 years.  In May 2018, she returned to our shelter as a stray and we all thought her owners would come for her.  Sadly, we learned that both of her pet parents had passed away. 

With a lot of networking throughout the community (Mimi's Facebook post reached more than 30,000 people), we were able to place her in a loving new home. 

See the smile on Mimi's face?  Furry Friends' mission is to bring smiles to the faces of both our animals and our adopters!

Meet Irma.  She was abandoned by her family due to deportation and left on the streets for over two weeks.  We nursed her back to health, with medical care and love.  

Irma now has a forever home and this sassy lassie rules the roost!  

We invite you to come see the many available Furry Friends at our shelter.