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Fur-Ever Care

Once upon a time, Allie filled Dorothy’s days with purpose and devotion… she was forever grateful to Dorothy for rescuing her from a high-kill shelter years before.  They spent every day with one another and life was full because they had each other.

A widow, Dorothy's grown children lived away.  When visiting, they spent time with Allie but there was never a discussion with their mom about Allie's future if something happened to Dorothy first.  “Surely, one of my kids will take her, knowing how much she means to me”, Dorothy often thought.  “Surely, one of my siblings will take the dog”, each of her children thought to themselves.

Sadly, a day came when Dorothy passed away.  As her children arrived to make final arrangements, Allie looked beseechingly at them.  “What will become of me?”, she whimpered.  No one paid her any mind.

After the funeral, the kids said their goodbyes to one another.  Dorothy’s daughter put Allie, along with her bed and favorite toy, in the back seat of her car.  Resignedly, Allie faced the fact that she would be starting life anew with her human sister.  “This won’t be so bad”, she thought, trying to cheer herself up.  But she missed Dorothy so much.

Life with her human sister was not to be the case.  Dorothy’s daughter made one stop before starting her long drive home.  Where?  The local shelter, a high-kill facility besieged daily with strays and owner surrenders.  The shelter simply didn't have enough room for Allie.  Dorothy’s children knew that Allie would be euthanized, however, not one of them had lives that would accommodate their mom’s beloved furry friend.

Allie joined Dorothy in the hereafter the following day.  If only Dorothy had prepared and planned for Allie’s future without her…

Please don't let Allie's story be the story for your pet. Plan now.



What can I do now to prepare for the unexpected?
  • Designate two responsible friends, neighbors or family members to care for your pet as emergency caregivers.  Give them a key to your home, a copy of your pet’s medical records, feeding & care instructions, your veterinarian’s contact information, & care plans for your pet in the event of your long-term incapacitation or death.
  • Place removable “in case of emergency” notices throughout your home giving the contact information for your emergency caregivers along with information about your pet.
  • Carry a card in your wallet or purse giving the information for your emergency caregivers. Designate the contacts of your contacts as “Emergency Contacts” in your mobile phone directory.
How can I ensure that my pet will be taken care of for this remainder of his life if I become seriously ill or die?
  • Make arrangements now.  It’s not enough to casually ask a friend or to provide someone with funds, in advance, in the hopes that they will follow through with their promise.  Consult a legal professional to set up the proper documentation.  Keep in mind that a provision for your pet in your will has several drawbacks which a professional can discuss with you.  Creating a trust may be a better option.  Again, a professional can explain the right document for your circumstances.
  • If your designated emergency caregivers are unable or unwilling to give permanent care and residence to your pet, select long-term caregivers along with back-up caregivers.
  • Consider Furry Friends as your pet’s lifeline of hope through Furry Friends’ Fur-Ever Home program.  This program is designed to ease your heart in knowing that your pet will be lovingly cared for throughout the remainder of his life.  To learn more, please visit our program information tab.
How do I become comfortable with a shelter organization assuming care of my pet?
  • Do your research.  Furry Friends’ mission is to match the right individual with the right pet.  We take our mission very seriously and have your pet’s best interests at heart in providing both short-term and long-term care.
  • Visit the shelters on your list.  Are they clean?  Do the animal residents appear healthy and well-cared for?  Does each organization have good reviews in the community? What will the accommodations for your pet look like at each facility?  Do they have sanctuary settings and enrichment programs designed to help make the best life possible for your pet?  How is their foster program structured?  Are they able to meet your requirements for what you specifically want for your pet? Do they offer on-site medical care?


  • A “getting to know you and your pet” meet & greet where we become acquainted with you, your pet, and your wishes.
  • A tour of our Jupiter and Palm City operations so that you will understand the care we provide to animals and our offerings for your pet.
  • When the time is right, Furry Friends will take immediate action and care of your pet, in accordance with the plans that you have put in place (with professional assistance).
  • Once in the program, medical evaluation & care for your pet by our expert veterinarians and staff.
  • Once in the program, ongoing medical care for your pet provided by Furry Friends for the remainder of his life.
  • In accordance with your plan, placement in a pre-screened, pre-visited foster home that meets or exceeds your wishes and the needs of your pet while Furry Friends finds your pet his forever-after home.
  • In accordance with your plan, placement at our Palm City Ranch or Jupiter Adoption Center while Furry Friends finds your pet his forever-after home.
  • Bi-annual contact with your pet’s adopter for updates on your pet’s medical and emotional well-being.
  • Annual contact with the registered micro-chip company to ensure your pet’s microchip is current.
  • When the time is right, Furry Friends will take immediate action and care of your pet, in accordance with the plans that you have put in place (with professional assistance).
  • Behavioral/training help to ensure that the foster or your pet’s new family has the resources they need in helping your pet transition to his new environment.
  • Furry Friends will always be a resource for your pet if something happens to his foster or forever-after family.  Our mission is to fulfill your plans for your pet for the rest of his life.

To enroll in Fur-Ever Care, a minimum allocation of $20,000 is required in an eligible planned gift vehicle of your choosing.  Again, we suggest that you seek help from professionals who can guide you in preparing legal documents that can protect you and your pet.  We are happy to refer you to professionals upon your request.

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