2021 Gala is Canceled  |  Pull for Paws date moved to March 26, 2021

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At Furry Friends, we strive to give our rescued animals a safe and relaxing sanctuary in which they are free to roam. Living in a cage-free environment decreases stresses traditionally associated with living in a shelter and helps raise immune system response. That’s why we have created the ideal environment in our ranch with plenty of open space, an expert staff, and loving volunteers.

How Many Animals Live at the Rescue Farm in Martin County?

Our beautiful 27-acre ranch is located just northwest of Palm Beach County’s border. Furry Friends' Ranch is home to approximately 50 dogs, 70 cats, and 3 horses, most of which are available for adoption.

How Do Furry Friends Create the Ideal Rescue Environment?

Our cats enjoy a 4,000-SF home, residing in rooms based on behavioral and nutritional needs.  Many of the cats have access to a screened porch, allowing them to enjoy the fresh air and outdoor sights.

Our dogs enjoy outdoor runs during the day and are tucked safely indoors at night.  Additionally, five on-site play yards enable them to run to their heart's content and socialize with fellow residents.  Several live in a special dog dwelling which allows each to roam, at their leisure, from their indoor kennel to their outdoor run.

Our three horses find sanctuary and gallop freely in beautiful green pastures.

What Other Amenities Can I Find in the Furry Friends Ranch?

The ranch is the site of the Garden of Joy, a peaceful setting for finding tranquility and celebrating community.  Stroll the pathway near the Circle of Serenity or relax on a bench and commune with nature.  Are wedding bells or a family reunion in your future?  Amenities in our Garden of Joy offer a unique venue for making memories that you'll remember & cherish forever.

Want to Visit Our Humane Animal Rescue Center in Martin County?

The Furry Friends ranch is excited to welcome all visitors. Whether your pet needs loving medical care, or you wish to adopt one of our amazing animals, we are to help. Give us a call today!

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