Schnauzer Rescue


Furry Friends needs your help! 

We recently were asked to intervene in a terrible hoarding case. Almost 20 schnauzers were living in horror, subject to terrible conditions. The dogs were confined to a house with no access to the outdoors, and had been living and sleeping in their own excrement. All of these sweet dogs are now safe, but they are extremely fearful and will need weeks of TLC to help them get healthy and back to normal.

This rescue mission comes at a very challenging time for Furry Friends. Our funds are extremely low due to the COVID crisis and caring for these sweet animals is going to take a lot. We also believe two of the dogs may be pregnant. However Furry Friends never, ever says no. If you can help in any way we ask you to please donate here for their care. These dogs have a long road to recovery but we know with your help soon every single one is going to have the new life that they desperately deserve. 


To send a check, please mail to:
Furry Friends Adoption, Clinic & Ranch
100 Capital Street
Jupiter, FL  33458