2021 Gala is Canceled  |  Pull for Paws date moved to March 26, 2021

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For dogs and cats waiting to find families of their own, a little kindness can go a long way. For homeless pets, it can change their entire world.

Like a lot of us these days, homeless pets around the country are hoping for a better, brighter year in 2022. The life these animals lead before Furry Friends can be grim, and it’s our mission to fight for these defenseless, loving animals. A family to cherish and adore them. Squeaky toys and tasty treats, warm beds and cozy blankets.

We all have that animal-- the one who comes along and grabs your heart so tightly that it changes the way you live life. The furry friend that makes your eyes soften on the hardest days, who always waits for you at the front door, and who loves you unconditionally. Everything we do at Furry Friends is for that animal. Together, we can make animals feel safe and loved. We have been honored to help thousands of people in our community find their soulpet, and experience this once in a lifetime kind of love.Your gift goes straight to work saving lives and providing homeless animals the help and healing needed to find permanent loving homes. We absolutely could not do this life-saving work without you. Your support is key in furthering our mission, and symbolizes hope and new beginnings.

Thank you for being such a good friend to the animals. Together, we can change lives, with our collective dedication to feeding, healing, and loving the abused, abandoned, and homeless animals across our county. We are so touched by your devotion.

For the love of animals,
Jason Gluck