2021 Gala is Canceled  |  Pull for Paws date moved to March 26, 2021

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North Florida Rescue

Furry Friends is facing another daunting task. We drove four hours to step in and help rescue this poor dog and her puppies when we saw they were living in a house of horrors. No food, no water and filthy cages. We couldn't turn our backs on this horrific situation. However, this rescue comes at a challenging time for Furry Friends. Just a few weeks ago we brought in 13 other dogs rescued from a hoarding situation and at the same time are dealing with the effects of COVID-19.

We need your support and help now more than ever. Please consider donating to help what we are calling the, "North Florida Rescue Pups". Even one dollar can help us care for this sweet mother and her puppies and help us get them adopted and into the loving homes they deserve.